Unlock your inner musician

Between classes, assemblies, school musicals, afternoon activities, and social events, we make music almost daily at 买球世界杯平台. In every grade, this is a place to find your voice and develop musical dexterity, regardless of your chosen instrument. Over the K-12 experience, students encounter many different genres and ensemble types, including solo, choral, a-capella; pop, classical, jazz, and musical theatre. Our hope for every student is a life rich with music appreciation and music-making.

Lower School

Our curriculum is designed to spark students’ musical abilities and affinities. At this age, singing, dancing, playing, and listening are all woven together, in specialized classes held twice a week. Students bring all their creative energy into grade-level musical theatre productions each year, plus a vibrant May Day showcase as part of their Hawaiian Studies class.

Middle School

In the middle grades, students increase their level of knowledge, analysis, and appreciation of music as an art form. They gain an overview of musical styles and the role music has played in cultures throughout the centuries. Students can choose from electives that include handbell choir, ‘ukulele, recorder, guitar and piano, or musical theatre. These beginner experiences lay the groundwork for advanced study in high school.

Upper School

Music classes center around group performance in Chorus and Pops/Jazz Ensemble, with the option for individual lessons outside of class. While preparing for concerts, students develop core aptitude in sight-reading and music fundamentals (pitch, rhythm, etc.). Course offerings also encompass songwriting/composition and music technology. School traditions like Assembly, 买球世界杯平台 Olympics, talent shows, and open mics offer plentiful performance venues, whether you’re taking an official class, or just love to sing and play.

Alice: A Wonderful Musical at 买球世界杯平台

Take center stage

Discover the depth of our Upper School performing arts classes.